Dear Valued Customer,

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we at Conxions are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues and customers who make up a vibrant Telecommunication company.

Our hearts are with those who have been affected personally by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the many communities around the country and abroad that are facing extreme measures in the attempt to slow its spread.

For over 50 years through a number of transitions, we have been honored by the trust you place in us by giving us the opportunity to maintain our business relationship with you. In today’s challenging environment, we want to assure you as to how we are securing our business and, in turn, yours.

Company Assurance for Customers

Conxions business, continues to support cloud delivery services and have strategized the Business Continuity Plans to respond quickly to disruptive incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic, while safeguarding the health of our employees and minimizing the impact on the delivery of services to you.

Conxions infrastructure and cloud operations team have the following measures in place for all of our customers, plus those who are in need of better support in this critical time and in future. 

  • Working Remotely: Work can be conducted through remote connections, which enables our team to work off-site for most tasks subject to situation. If further technical help is needed, our supporting engineers offshore can be linked to work remotely where possible to rectify the problem on a timely manner. Employees who must be on-site are applying social distancing and hygiene protocols based on guidance from our health authorities.
  • Safety On-Site: Where on-site work is required (for example, working in your IT rooms), staff who are on-site to accomplish specific tasks will spend only the minimum time required in that particular location. Additionally, we have working schedules to reduce the number of people in a single location and to separate individuals in common teams as much as possible in data center/ICT rooms. Conxions team are also equipped with gloves and masks for the protection of on-site technicians if required for preventative measures.
  •  Access: Conxions Team either in person or remotely will not access your Data center without prior arrangement with your ICT personnel in conjunction to strict hygiene protocols making sure that all data sites/rooms are as sterile as possible.

Greg Berry


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