Conxions Ltd is one of the longest serving telecommunication companies in PNG
providing Business Communications and Collaboration products since the arrival of Ericsson in 1967. PBX is our core business from day one and we know exactly what the needs are for our customers as well as the after sales support.

One of our prime objectives is that we encourage our clients to take up technical training either in Australia or online arranged through Conxions at a reasonable cost.

Technical trainings are conducted by our Partner and Service Providers to enable
Technicians to acquire full certification training required for all Mitel and Samsung products.

Our Partners Technical Certification programs are directed at the installation and configuration of both Mitel and Samsung pbx systems, call managers, applications and solutions.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Technicians are trained professionals who provide maintenance, installation, repair and setup of traditional and IP-based business voice and computing systems.

Today PBX technology has turned into one of the most extensively used telephony systems by Business Organizations. The market acceptance of PBX phone setup due to the flexibility of their usage and the significant improvement has gone up. It has made
corporate communications much more comfortable for our customers. Moreover, you can have a PBX technician of your own to manage your day to day operation needs while the Conxions technical team provides for specific end user requirement and level two support in the event of any severe technical faults and system shut down.

Technicians resolve cabling issues, repair switch equipment, test and install VoIP networks and interchange analog phone systems with digital equipment. They also help to resolve inhouse technical issues, to provide better end user experiences systematically.

PBX Service Technicians are one of the prime categories of our telecommunication company’s workforce. They are multi skilled and can do a variety of work while a few are specialized in a more complex technical environment.

Today, IT personnel not only support the data environment like the good old days, but voice as well, since both have merged in today’s technology concept known as VOiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) It is important to understand both areas of communication and to make life easier for us when dealing with a client’s technician as long as we are on the same page to solve problems quickly.

The primary goal of PBX Technicians is to keep telephone networks running problem free and free from any kind of cybersecurity threat. With a secure telephone network, businesses can communicate without issues.

For End Customers, adopting new software or tools has a major impact on the lives of most users and system administrators. Mitel and Samsung Technical training can guide you through the transition and help you do your job efficiently. This way you have the ownership of the equipment instead of being a purchaser only.

Our goal is to deliver consistent, high-quality training using flexible delivery options that meet the needs of our Customers and Partners.

Here are a few benefits your company can gain from additional end-user training:
 Efficient work and reduced errors. …
 Invested and empowered employees. …
 Greater sense of value. …
 Increased productivity. …
 Immediate ROI. …
 Added value to the organization as a whole. …
 Flexibility to meet your needs.

We have noticed that most Data technicians have difficulty in tapping into pbx issues because of different settings and programming levels as many pbx systems are configured for digital and analogue and few are slowly migrating to VOiP solutions.

Taking up PBX technical training with us now will be an investment for your organization in the long run.

If you have planned to go down this path, give us a call on 321 5400 or email sales@conxionspng.com and we will develop a training solution that suits you better.

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