Conxions delivers exceptional customer service and increases operational efficiency using artificial intelligence. This enables your virtual agent to converse naturally with customers and expertly assist human agents on complex cases.

Adding live chat to your call centre means rapid resolutions for your customers. The result is to have more available resources internally to produce higher customer satisfaction levels with affordable pricing.


 We provide a product that helps Call Centers across all types of businesses to run efficiently. Our solutions are simple and user friendly to learn and use without any IT support. Optimize shifts to meet demands, generate agent schedules, maximize breaks, scheduling and forecasting on solutions.

Improve customer service that talks, understands, and interacts

Provide personalized support, immediate service, and quick issue resolution, turning individual transactions into continued customer loyalty.

Improve call deflection rates, achieve shorter handling times, reduce agent training costs, making overall operations faster and more effective.

Turn every agent into a specialist to focus on more difficult and specialized calls providing them with real-time information, workflows and turn-by-turn guidance.

Enable rich and conversational experiences with powered features

The heart of Call Center is conversational core, whose human-like interactions are redefining the possibilities of powered conversation.

Take action with Dialog flow

  • Identify customer intent and determine what to say and do next. Join more than one million developers in using Dialog flow, the world-class development suite for building natural and rich conversational experiences across multiple channels.

Virtual Agent

  • Gives customers 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service, with seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues.

Agent Assist

  • Empowers human agents with continuous support during their calls by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.


  • Uses natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment that helps contact center managers learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.
Contact Center AI’s conversational core powers key features.

See how we can automate your call center using your professional staff

Call Center Solutions | CONVOX

Customer service and support is crucial for any organization to thrive.

  • Conxions is a seasoned leader in call center and switchboard operations with a proven track record of more than 40 years. We offer comprehensive and efficient services that operate from a customer-first perspective.
  • 8   We’ve supported a range of organizations from large government operations to small businesses. Together we can customize a program to meet your needs, from holistic outsourced call center solutions to internal recruitment and training.
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 Stay 365*24*7 ready for customer calls and impart personalized experience

Proven to succeed

We understand the intricacies of staffing and operating 24/7 call centers, customer support centers, and inbound/outbound settings. Your front-line staff will be trained to master the fundamentals of diverse call center environments, while also representing the culture and values of the organizations they serve.

Award-winning from MITEL

A great call center experience makes your brand look great and attractive while poor call center experience can cause disaster. As an award-winning provider in Telecommunication recognized by Mitel in 2012 and 2013, Conxions supplies the expertise and seasoned agent support experts your enterprise business needs to deliver world-class call care and technical support to its end users for the longevity of your business to flourish.

At Conxions, we are deeply committed to your company’s expectations. We pride ourselves on yielding positive results through professionally managed operations, superior customer service, and high retention rates for both your customers and staff. 

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